We produce labels and supply packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We work with flat hierarchies and the highest standards. That allows us to respond quickly to new challenges, and it means long-lasting, successful partnerships, both internally and externally.

Our three most important values are quality, responsibility and sustainability. It’s an attitude that applies to every aspect of our work. Producing our core product. Developing holistic packaging solutions. Relating to our customers, our partners and our employees. 

We guarantee consistently high quality by combining what our customers want with our comprehensive expertise. We believe that flat hierarchies mean sharing our knowledge. This allows each employee to provide the best possible service and to be responsible for it. We always deliver as agreed and with as little impact as possible on the environment. We know our vision – and lead our company purposefully and sustainably into its successful future. 

This system of values doesn’t just allow us to meet the highest quality standards in the long term. It provides impressive flexibility – and remarkable process speed for a company of our size.

Our combination of agility and quality makes us unique in the industry and especially attractive to customers of various sizes. 

Our vision

Business success for us and our customers. Long-term. Based on mutual appreciation, genuinely enjoying what we do, and sharing values.

Business model

We produce labels for many different sectors of industry, and we support and manage the entire process that leads to holistic packaging solutions. Agile. At the highest quality standards. Sustainable in every respect.

Managing Board

The Board of PEP Labels AG is made up of shareholder representatives and industry experts.


PEP Labels’ management team consists of professionals who either have years of industry experience or bring extensive expertise from relevant fields such as packaging, medical devices, fast moving products and finance.

Stefan Magnusson

Stefan Magnusson

Construction & Calculation
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Our story

PEP Labels is a new name with old roots. Paper products were manufactured and distributed at our plant in Aesch back in the 70s, under the name Guhl & Scheibler.

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, that business merged with a large printing company in Sweden. Finally, as part of another Swedish acquisition in 2011, the company began to specialise in packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Now the factory in Aesch is returning to its roots with a new name – more able, more free and more forward-looking than ever. With PEP Labels AG.