Our core products are cartons, labels and package inserts, along with the associated supply chain management solutions and other services for maximum efficiency.

Our core competence covers every aspect of manufacturing and supplying packaging solutions of all kinds. We have sound expert knowledge and the production resources needed to put it into action.

Our European production network uses state-of-the-art machinery and, using conventional and digital production techniques, always ensures the most efficient process depending on order size and/or lead time requirements.


Our philosophy


Labels (single and multi-sided)

We know them all and supply them all. Already know exactly what you need? Great. Want some advice? We can do that too. All of the label solutions that we offer have one thing in common: they’re a perfect match for your product.

It goes without saying that we keep an eye on the legal requirements. Serialisation, back numbering and anti-counterfeiting are things we deal with on a daily basis. Labels, after all, are our core product.


If it can be done,
we can deliver it:

  • Single Labels
  • Booklet Labels
  • Security Labels
  • Multipage Labels
  • Temper Evident Labels
  • Wrap-Around Labels
  • Hologram Labels
Verpackungen von PEP Labels

Folding boxes

Thinking about labels usually means thinking about folding boxes. Simple standard fold or customised special solution: we ensure that everything fits together right from the conception phase and we supply you with the right folding box for your product.

Not only do we vouch for the quality of our production partners in this area. We also coordinate all of the processes and serve as your contact for anything that comes up.


Forms and features 

  • Standard fold 
  • Tailored solutions 
  • Security packaging 
  • Counterfeit-proof packaging 
  • Braille 
  • Security films

Package inserts, brochures and outserts

However much information you want to provide along with your product, we’ll provide the right package insert for the job. Production is done by established partners in our network – we advise you and do the design and coordination.

Not only do we supply the perfect brochure, we also deliver it perfectly prepared for further processing in packaging systems – sealed with adhesive or labels, in customised trays or bundles.


Brochures of all kinds

  • single 
  • flat
  • parallel 
  • cross-fold
  • stapled
  • glued


On-demand solutions

Today, on-demand solutions are more important than ever. New laws and drug developments mean more products and product variants, but batch sizes are growing smaller. On top of that, lots of new products are being introduced, which means shorter lead times for faster market launches. 

Our on-demand concept with its integrated operating model enables custom box printing while simplifying and optimising supply chains, shortening lead times and ensuring that inventory and waste are kept to an absolute minimum. 

We use a combination of conventional and new production techniques involving automated, digital order processing. This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible delivery set-up for the future. 

Supply Chain

From the initial concept to delivery of the finished product: we know, design and manage the whole process. And more important still: we know how to keep it efficient. 

We produce the labels ourselves. We coordinate with international partners for the production of boxes and leaflets. 

The result: you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively, with us as your single point of contact for everything. 

We strive for knowledge.
We work with passion.
We are professional.
We inspire.

Process development

Digital methods have become an important tool in optimising supply chains.
Our IT specialists quickly assess whether it makes sense and is feasible to integrate an ERP system, and they will gladly support the implementation process too.

There are many other areas in which we have the knowledge and ability to identify and realise potential: EDI interfaces, VMI solutions, graphics processing, prognoses, order samples, standardisation of materials, quality control and logistics.


Clinical trials

We also support our customers in conducting clinical trials on new medicinal products. We supply a customised selection of our core products, optimised for each phase of the trial or each individual test. Our specialists develop the packaging you need with the features you require in production units that are available specifically for this purpose.

We produce labels.
But we take care of everything.

Labels are our core service, because we have our own production facilities for making them at our site in Switzerland. But we have much more at our disposal: an extensive network of international partners and in-depth knowledge covering the entire supply chain.

This means you can simply order labels from us, but you can also get complete supply chain solutions, from the initial concept, to cartons, package inserts and labels, to the finished delivery, which dovetails perfectly into your production processes.