The packaging specialist for pharmaceutical products. Offering outstanding expertise and genuine passion.


Pharmaceutical packaging. Our speciality.

We provide packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical value chain and guarantee expertise in all of its aspects – from production to delivery.

We know the industry. We know the creative context of our clients and end users. And we work successfully and passionately every day to continue delivering the highest quality – as promised. 

Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. We are constantly improving our solutions and processes to ensure that they remain satisfied. We always keep the creative context of our customers in mind and work with them to innovate. 

Change is the only constant everywhere. 
And that includes the pharmaceutical industry.

The world’s population is growing. More elderly people and more chronic diseases are creating more demand for new pharmaceutical products. Greater regulatory requirements and laws also bring new challenges. 

The Falsified Medicines Directive has a direct impact on our customers. Increased complexity and smaller batches demand new ideas for processes and products, today and in the future.

We offer over fifty years of accumulated industry expertise – and we deliver the innovations the industry needs, again and again. We implement them for our customers, from concept, to production, to delivery.

Our long-standing success is based on action and attitude. We are constantly investing in new technologies and skills. We always strive for knowledge too, and we combine passion with professionalism. 

We have a clear vision and we are sure we can achieve it: the protection of human life through packaging solutions driven by expertise and ideas, produced for the pharmaceutical industry and its end users.




Wir tragen unsere alten Stärken in eine Welt mit neuen Möglichkeiten.


We bring our traditional strengths into a world of new possibilities.

Eson Pac AG’s Swiss site has become the independent PEP Labels AG. Switzerland is our new home, giving us more flexibility than ever.

Our industry experience remains, as does our speciality: labels and packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. What’s new are lean processes, flat hierarchies and a lot of freedom in designing and implementing customised solutions.